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Why Buy Officially Licensed Band T-Shirts?

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Great question! Here’s why. By purchasing officially licensed t-shirts and merch from Band-tees.com you support your favorite bands and artists. While amounts of profit for each artist vary by organization, artist or group, all of them are paid royalties when you purchase their products on Band-tees.com.

Artists and bands actually deserve to make a living based upon the fruits of their labors, just like the rest of us. Purchasing officially licensed merch is not only the stand-up thing thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

All Band-tees.com merchandise is purchased through reputable distribution channels who hold active and current licenses from the artists they represent.

With tens of thousands of foreign & unlicensed counterfeit sellers offering products these days it’s becoming increasingly difficult for current and emerging artists to make a living. This hurts all of us! Who doesn’t want great new music to listen to?

Walk a mile in their shoes. If you were an artist or in a band trying to make a living on your creative effort and energy, wouldn’t you want to be treated fairly? It begins and ends with you purchasing officially licensed products and it’s a legit way to help them out.

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