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Here’s Why You Should Buy Licensed Misfits Merch

Licensed merch is of considerable importance to artists and fans alike. 

When you buy shirts or hoodies as a concert souvenir or gift for a friend, you’re contributing to an artist’s income.

Buying licensed Misfits merch is a way of acknowledging and appreciating them. It helps keep them afloat and with enough revenue to keep creating the awesome content that they do. 

What Makes Licensed Merch So Special?

You know a band is legendary when their logo and artwork are recognized by people who have no idea about them. 

For fans, it’s a thrilling moment to spot their favorite band’s artwork out of the blue. Be it on a car bumper sticker, room posters, or a hoodie on a stranger. It builds a bond of camaraderie between people who share deep values embedded in their unique tastes. 

It all starts with what draws us in — the music.

Once the music leaves its mark, we become drawn to the artists and automatically want to know more about the people who’ve impacted our lives. 

Besides wanting to own something that brandishes us as true fans, we also understand that it’s the artist’s way of making a living off their hard work. 

This is what makes fandom merch so valuable. 

Buying official merchandise is a way of supporting a band or artist. Additionally, you help the people who help bring their visions to life. A lot of effort, time, and money goes into creating the artwork they want you to appreciate. 

Sometimes, the record label of a band creates its product using its own resources. 

But when it comes to most fandom merchandise, in most cases, they outsource to a smaller company using its own capital to create products. When buying from these smaller companies, the band still gets a percentage of the revenue. 

Buying licensed merch is a way to support these smaller companies and locally sourced businesses. Not only that, you’ll help:

  • People get jobs
  • The company gain monetary compensation
  • The company get the recognition it deserves

It’s always a collaboration of the band and production companies when determining what merch is made and how. Generally, these specifications include:

  • Locations the merch will be sold (conventions, retail locations, will it be online-only, and in what countries?)
  • How many products can be made
  • How the items should be priced

Finalizing these plans can take days, weeks, or months. It’s well known that negotiations aren’t always easy to pull off. In this case, it calls for both sides to be in frequent communication with each other and their lawyers. 

Picking Out Misfits Merch

If you’re on the hunt for misfits merch for a friend or a die-hard fiend fan, we’ve got you covered. From: 

  • Stickers 
  • Hoodies 
  • Logo magnets 
  • Lighters 
  • Shirts 
  • Flash drives

There’s something for everyone. Take a look at some of our products below:

Misfits Classic Skull T-shirt
Misfits Night of the Living Dead Hoodie
$69.95 – Night of the Living Dead Hoodie
Misfits Biker Zip Hoodie
Check price – Misfits Biker Zip Hoodie
Misfits Logo 4GB Flash Drive
Check price – Misfits Logo 4GB Flash Drive
Misfits Necklace Refill Lighter
Check price – Misfits Necklace Refill Lighter
Misfits Polly Dress
Check price– Misfits Polly Dress

What to Look for in Licensed Merch

With numerous bootleg merch easily available online, it can be hard to tell what’s legit and what’s not without proper guidance. These products also make it hard for our beloved artists to make a living. 

Bootleg products can have a ripple effect that affects fans. 

Think about it, when artists struggle to thrive off of their merch and live off of our support, they won’t be able to make great new music. 

In the famous words of Robert Genn, “Starving artist’ is acceptable at 20, suspect at age 40. And problematic at age 60.’ 

It’s up to us to support them and, in turn, be rewarded with glorious music until kingdom come. 

So here are ways to help you spot legit merch.

  • The most obvious sign is a product marked “officially licensed” on the casing or box. You’ll see copyright information about the company that created it. Luckily, most licensed merch has strict branding requirements. 
  • If you want to buy items from a convention, you may want to do a little more digging. You can ask the people running the booth where they purchased the item from. That’s if they didn’t make it themselves. 
  • When buying items online, avoid sites like Amazon or eBay where just about anyone can sell products. Most official retailers don’t sell their merch on these sites. If you do come across the storefront link, check on their profile to verify the details. 

The biggest reason to avoid these sites is that many resellers can triple the price and charge you more compared to a verified vendor. 

Got Time for More? Here’s a Little Misfits Trivia 

With the world of rock and roll morphing into distinct, unique styles in the 70s, as seen with bands like Kiss, the Grateful Dead, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, it’s no surprise the punk world shifted too. 

Misfits punk band
Image courtesy

Misfits were a revolutionary punk band acknowledged for creating the horror punk subgenre that fused other musical influences with incredible themes from horror films. 

With their first album Walk Among Us – a hyper, head-bobbing chorus of “whoa, whoa, whoas” – they introduced us to a world that contrasts and merges the sick and sweet appeal of music. Who would’ve thought it possible? 

The band, founded in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey, originally consisted of singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig, Manny Martinez on the drums, bassist Diane DiPiazza, and guitarist Jimmy Battle. 

After DiPiazza’s departure, Jerry and Danzig were the only consistent members throughout the next six years. 

Did you know that: 

  • Guns N’ Roses and Metallica have done covers of Misfit songs?
  • The band’s name is from a movie? 
  • The Misfits song ‘London Dungeon’ is based on a true story?

Are you a true Misfits Fiend? Test your knowledge with this fun, 15 question trivia quiz.

What we truly love Misfits for is their profound relationship with their fans. From the get-go, the Misfits curated a deep appreciation and understanding of their fan base. 

What other bands would take the time to create a fan club and send out buttons, stickers, and sometimes music? 

Today, these records are incredibly valuable. A quick eBay search will leave you gasping at some of the prices. Some cost thousands of dollars.

Point is, no band can make it to their level of fame and glory without a lot of work and talent going into it. 

Let Band Tees Do the Heavy Lifting

There’s nothing better than authentic, high-quality merch from your favorite band or artist. Be it a hoodie from a tour concert or shirts with their striking logo. 

For some, it’s a way to immortalize a moment in time they once enjoyed, and for others, it’s fun, funky everyday wear. 

Whatever the reason, we’ve devoted ourselves to sourcing quality, rare, officially licensed t-shirts from around the world. 

We have numerous styles for every gender and age range from: 

  • Metal
  • Classic Rock and Roll 
  • Punk 
  • Country 

If you’re after a particular design, ask us. We’ll work on finding it. Our biggest reward is satisfactory customer service after all. 

Visit our store today to find the perfect licensed merch.

Featured Image from: commons.wikimedia.org

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