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Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses T-shirt: Who, What Wear

In the 80s, MTV was all about glam metal (AKA hair metal), and the world was tired of hearing it.  

Guns N’ Roses debuted at MTV at the right time, bringing fresh new music that spoke to the generation that was listening to it. 

They introduced the edge to the mainstream music scene in the late 80s and paved the path for alternative bands with a rough sound that would blow up in the 90s, such as Nirvana.  

By the early 2000s, you could find glossy posters of the band Guns N’ Roses in every rebellious kid’s bedroom. 

Nowadays, people still collect and wear Guns N’ Roses merchandise—sometimes even without knowing the band.  

Guns N’ Roses are still active, and they’re currently on tour, but not all has been roses between bandmates over the years. 

T-shirts and Guns N’ Roses merchandise hide rocky history between the bandmates that didn’t always get along as they do now. 

Who’s In a Band? 

The current Guns N’ Roses lineup is: 

  • Axl Rose on lead vocals 
  • Slash on lead guitar 
  • Duff McKagan on bass
  • Dizzy Reed on keyboards 
  • Richard Fortus on rhythm guitar 
  • Frank Ferrer on drums 
  • Melissa Reese on keyboards and sub-bass

The lineup has been changing since the humble beginnings of the band in 1985 because of inner tensions between bandmates. 

Axl, Slash, and Duff are the only ones considered to be a part of the classic lineup because they were a part of it in 1985. 

Tensions escalated in 1990 when Slash and Duff left the band.

Following a long break during which they worked on their own projects, Slash and Duff reunited with Axl in 2016, and they’ve been on a world tour ever since. 

The excessive drinking, bravado attitude, and rock’ n’ roll lifestyle that used to define the band has been replaced with more mature bandmates who’ve been sober for years.

Guns n´Roses
Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Axl Rose 

Axl Rose has been a key figure of the group since its beginnings and the only constant member of the band Guns N’ Roses. 

He’s also the most controversial one and responsible for turbulence that affected the band the most. 

During the Appetite for Destruction tour, he would arrive a few hours late for the performance and demand copyright rights to GNR music.  

Did you know that Axl: 

  • Used to sing in a church choir in his youth 
  • Changed his name to Axl to not share the name William with his father
  • Was arrested over 20 times as a teenager


Slash is another iconic member of the band. Any rock fan instantly connects the signature double-neck guitar and a black hat with his name. 

After leaving the band in the 1990s, he worked on more blues-oriented projects such as his band Slash’s Snakepit, produced horror films, and played in Velvet Revolver. 

Source: Pixabay

Facts about Slash:

  • He hates the famous opening riff to the song Sweet Child O’ Mine. 
  • He joined the band because the lead guitarist left it a couple of days before the first show.  
  • He’s been sober since 2006. 

Duff McKagan 

Similar to Slash, he left the Guns N’ Roses in 1990 and rejoined the band in 2016. In the meantime, he played bass in Velvet Revolver with Slash and worked on his writing career. 

You may not know that Duff: 

  • Wanted to become a brain surgeon in his childhood 
  • Has been sober since 1994 
  • Trains martial arts

Every Guns N’ Roses fan recognizes these tees: 

  • Appetite for Destruction t-shirt 
  • Guns and roses with yellow circle t-shirt 

Appetite for Destruction T-shirt

Their debut album is their most beloved and well-known. The disc holds a record for the most sold copies for a debut album in the US. 

It’s also the album that made them famous worldwide and eventually got them into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. 

The album didn’t get them instantly famous, though. They owe that to the music video for Welcome to the Jungle, the song from the album. 

MTV refused to play the music video at first and gave them the worst time slot, but people called and requested the song. Their fame spread like wildfire after that. 

Watch the video that caught the eyes of the public:  

The original idea for the cover artwork was to feature Robert William’s painting, “Appetite for Destruction ”, that inspired the album’s name. 

Axl Rose has the Celtic Cross with the skull version of bandmates tattooed on his arm—the final version of the cover art. 

Guns and Roses in Yellow Circle T-shirt

The yellow circle featuring guns and roses and the band’s name in black has appeared in various iterations and is their most recognizable shirt. 

The story behind the logo and name is that Axl Rose connected the names of two bands he was in—L.A. Guns and Hollywood Roses. 

The round shape resembles a bullet in the revolver. 

The contrast between guns and roses also symbolizes a wide spectrum of emotions Guns N’ Roses cover in their songs. 

Their albums feature ballads such as Patience and November Rain and upbeat songs like Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City. 

How to Style Guns N’ Roses T-shirt? 

Wear Guns N’ Roses t-shirt to achieve signature rock style looks. Pair it with ripped jeans, black clothing, belts and jewelry with embedded studs, and a leather jacket. 

Any Guns N’ Roses shirt is a statement piece on its own and will make you stand out. Wearing hoodies with Guns N’ Roses logo and some black pants is rock n’ roll too.  

But you can be creative with your Guns N’ Roses shirt. It can work with layered outfits during colder seasons. 

Add different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Guns N’ Roses wore their merch on tour combined with leopard print or leather leggings. 

Here are some styling ideas to get you started.  

Guns N’ Roses t-shirt summer/spring edition:

Guns N’ Roses t-shirt summer/spring edition
Image courtesy

Guns N’ Roses t-shirt winter/autumn edition:

Guns N’ Roses t-shirt winter/autumn edition
Image courtesy

GNR Tees Function as a Form of Expression  

Whether you’ve been a fan since the start of their musical career or recently discovered Guns N’ Roses, there are some things we all appreciate about the band. 

Be it maturing as we grow old and leaving the tensions of youth behind us or expressing our opinions and views through music. 

Our personal stories are intertwined with the band’s music because we listen to it during crucial moments in our lives. 

Band shirts reflect what their music means to their fans and the different stages we go through during our lives. 

Check out our store if you’re looking for Guns N’ Roses merchandise to complete the edgy looks or find unique, officially licensed hoodies, shirts, bags, belts, and more.

Featured Image from: Flickr by Lawren

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