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led zeppelin t shirt

5 Authentic Pairings for Your Led Zeppelin T-Shirt

Do you ever listen to Kashmir, Black Dog, or Stairway to Heaven and feel the blood course through your body as the riffs rock on?

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Led Zeppelin for you. This legendary English rock group was formed in 1968. To date, their status is cemented in the Classic Rock Hall of Fame.

Robert Plant is the lead vocalist, Jimmy Page is on the strings, John Paul Jones is the super bassist/keyboardist, and John Bonham is on the drums.

Led Zeppelin
Source: wallpaperuse.com

Donning a Led Zeppelin shirt is one of the best ways to pay homage to this great group and, at the same time, authentically express yourself through your style. 

Band-Tees have earned their place in fashion wardrobes worldwide. Wearing our shirts means even more to fans who have listened to their favorite band’s music for years.

Each shirt is reminiscent of a certain point in the band’s history or corresponds to a particular tour/album release. 

Aside from music, Led Zeppelin set trends and broke barriers in the sartorial sense, too. Their style lives on today, and wisps of it can be seen in fashion collections — from Alexander McQueen to Acne.

Flared pants, well-tailored suits with an edge, and textured fabrics like velvet and lace were refinements to their already legendary music status. 

To echo Led Zeppelin’s iconic style, below are some perfect pairings for your band T-shirts.

Led Zeppelin US ‘77 Tour Tie Dye T-shirt + Shiny Latex Pants

This shirt is one of the most popular out there. It commemorated the band’s eleventh tour in North America, 1977.

It happened to be Led Zeppelin’s last tour as well, so every mega-fan deserves to have this shirt in their collection. 

A sleek way to wear this shirt is with latex pants. These pants first appeared on the scene in the 19th century but went underground after World War 2 (WW2) because they were long associated with exotic thrills and sometimes carnal undertones. 

Anything erotic was looked down upon in the 50s. The society was very conservative. But as time went by, society’s moral fabric loosened up and became more accommodating to different ideologies and subcultures.

black skinny pants
Source: Pinterest

Latex made its way back to the fashion scene, and it stayed. 

Today, latex pants make for a brave and daring way to incorporate authentic confidence in your look.. 

Led Zeppelin was daring; it mustn’t have been easy to play Stairway to Heaven, one of the best songs of all time live!

Wear these with the ’77 tour tie dye shirt and shoes of your choice to make a statement on these streets.  The latex pants don’t have to be black either; any color works well enough.  You can never go wrong with latex. 

Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times T-shirt + Studded Leather Jacket

This next T-shirt is based on Led Zeppelin’s song, Good Times Bad Times. The song is the opening track on their debut and self-titled album Led Zeppelin, released in 1969.

This shirt is vintage, a worthy collectible. 

Studded leather jackets have always been the “cool kid” accessory for rock music and subculture enthusiasts. These extremely versatile clothing items go well with Led Zeppelin tees and have a timeless allure. 

This makes them a truly authentic duo.

man wearing unzipped jacket
Source: Unsplash

Wearing your Good Times Bad Times T-shirt and studded leather jacket will assure you comfort and style at a concert. Most of all, it’s a candid take on rock and roll fashion.

Led Zeppelin Icarus ‘75 Tie Dye T-Shirt + Flared Jeans

The history of this shirt is intriguing. Led Zeppelin used the Icarus logo/image for their record label. Icarus is a young man in Greek mythological history who attempted to fly off the island of Crete.

 How did he do it? By making wings made from wax and feathers. 

He flew too close to the sun, and his wings melted, making him crash into the sea. 

This shirt is an all-time classic in the sea of band-tees because of its vivid and unforgettable design.

An authentic and unique way to pair this outfit would be with classic flared jeans. Flare jeans were a staple in Robert Plant’s wardrobe. Led Zeppelin’s lead vocalist loved the flair of these denim trousers, and he had every reason to. 

flared jeans
Source: Pinterest

Flared jeans are vintage and an ode to the 60s and 70s. Pairing this with your Led Zeppelin ‘75 Icarus tie and dye shirt is a match made on the stairway to heaven! 

Speaking of stairways and heaven, the next T-shirt pairing is quite on brand.

Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven T-shirt and Platform Boots

Based on one of the most iconic Led Zeppelin songs, this T-shirt is a must-have.

What better way to revel in rock history? Wearing the shirt is sharing in a piece of the song’s acclaim. An authentic way to make this tee stand out is by wearing it with platform boots.

black flatform boots
Source: Unsplash

Dr. Martens or any other platform boot with a high sole would fit the bill. These shoes look good and complement the tee.

Play around with colors, prints, and textures as well. The tote bag below is a  superb way to dress up the band tee.

Fluffy Shoulder Bag
Source: hamburgercostore.com

Texture gives outfits depth. They also break the visual monotony, making you stand out. Band tees fit in well with street style so feel free to explore by pairing with the Led Zeppelin Deco Circle shirt

With this mini-guide, you should be able to pair your Led Zeppelin tees with clothes that authentically complement and contrast the tees.

Below is a quick recap of the T-shirts above:

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Shop Band-Tees, the number #1 rocker’s apparel store. 

Let’s rock on.

Featured Image from: wallpaperuse.com

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