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Fall out Boy T-shirt

Fall Out Boy: Merch, Music and Synesthesia

Fall Out Boy — you’ve heard of them. Your mother, grandmother, and newborn puppies probably have already heard them too. 

With the band’s distinct punk rock character, their music enamored a wave of fans and rock-heads with head-banging bliss with each new single and album release for the past few decades.

If you’re unfamiliar, Fall Out Boy rose to stardom as a punk band with pop sensibilities, famous for chart-topping hits like “Sugar, We’re Going Down”, “Thnks fr th Mmrs”, and “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.”

But music aside, are you ready to explore the unique story of the band itself?

Join us and let’s take a look at the history and music style of this iconic band as well as some official Fall Out Boy merchandise.

fall out boy wearing hats sweatshirts and hoodies
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Fall Out Boy: The Origin Story

Let’s look back at where it all began. 

The band was first established in Chicago in 2011, with the decision of long-time friends Pete Wentz (now bassist) and Joe Trohman (now lead guitarist) to collaborate.

 Pete Wentz was already heavily involved in the hardcore punk scene the years prior, performing in groups like Birthright, Extinction, and First Born.

Out of all the places the duo could’ve met the would-be lead singer, Trohman found the then Xgrinding processX drummer Patrick Stump at a bookstore. 

Stump was desperate to impress Trohman for an opportunity to perform with “local hardcore celebrity” Wentz, so he showed him MP3 recordings of acoustic covers he made.

20 Official Fall Out Boy Merchandise including hats and sweatshirts Music and Timeline
Source: wikimedia.org

Fortunately for Wentz, Trohman was thoroughly impressed and brought Stump along, putting him in the position of lead vocalist, even if Stump wanted to become a drummer.

 After a while, Andy Hurley took the position as the drummer, capping off the four key members of Fall Out Boy that we all know and love today.

Fall Out Boy: Musical Style

The central part of Fall Out Boy’s charm falls in its lyrics, mainly penned by the bassist Pentz. He once said, “I write about what I’m going through most of the time, or what I imagine people are going through most of the time.” 

With this being the case, lots of Fall Out Boy have lyrics that range in themes and storytelling. 

For instance, some of Fall Out Boy’s earlier albums revolved around love and heartbreak; Infinity on High was about the good and bad side of fame; and Folie à Deux was about moral and societal shortcomings. 

As their band identity began to form, Fall Out Boy drew inspiration from many notable rock bands at that time, like The Get Up Kids. 

Aside from that American rock band, Wentz also claims that he and Fall Out Boy also found influence from these bands:

  • Green Day
  • Misfits
  • the Ramones
  • Screeching Weasel
  • Metallica
  • Earth Crisis
  • Gorilla Biscuits
  • Lifetime

But their homage towards classical rock artists isn’t what makes them so special. 

Here’s one thing that might.

Patrick Stump and Synesthesia

Fall Out Boy’s Lead singer Patrick Stump has a genetic condition that makes him understand music in a different dimension than most people.

His condition is known as synesthesia — which is a condition that causes one sensory pathway to automatically register as another unrelated pathway. Synesthesia occurs in about 4% of the world’s population, so it’s not an extremely rare condition either.

Let’s paint a picture: when a person with synesthesia sees a number, he or she’d automatically process that number with a certain color without fail. This could also occur vice-versa. For them, the number one might appear blue, while the number nine might appear orange. 

According to Stump, “most letters and numbers feel like a color. Music also can have colors associated with them (but this is a lot less pronounced than my grapheme-color associations).”

But surprisingly, this phenomenon is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in the music field. Musically gifted people are said to have an increased probability of having this tone-color condition.

Cool quirk, right?

Want to know something cooler? 

They have a boatload of official merch still available for fans to check out. 

Let’s take a look!

Official Fall Out Boy Merchandise

Fall Out Boy Punk Scratch Photo T-shirt

This official Fall Out Boy merchandise is a men’s wear shirt that depicts the band on a black and white background with the logo “Fall Out Boy” painted red, positioned on top of the iconic band members.

This 100% cotton scratch photo shirt is available in various sizes. Most sizes are catered towards adult males, but this Fall Out Boy shirt can easily be fitted for women too.

Considered the pioneers of emo-punk, this official Fall Out Boy merch speaks volumes, capable of attracting strangers with good musical taste from a crowd. 

Customer Review by Lily:

“I bought this for my friend for the holidays and she seems to love it. She wears it almost every day.”

Grab this Fall Out Boy Scratch Photo T-Shirt and many other merch on Band Tees today.

Fall Out Boy Tiger Logo Wallet

This one-tone Official Fall Out Boy merchandise features a logo of a fierce, cartoon tiger with a tattoo of a crown on its cheek and its jaws opened in a show of aggression. The tiger is encircled around a slashed-up border, with three scratch marks etched around the circle’s edges.

Below the image of the tiger, the words “BOY” sprawls around the black space between the circle and the tiger. 

Quintessentially and 100% official Fall Out Boy merchandise, this bi-fold wallet is the perfect merch that fuses subtlety and supports the admirable Fall Out Boy. This merch is available online.

Buy the Fall Out Boy Tiger Logo Wallet merch today.

Fall Out Boy Logo Belt With Studs

If you want to propel your admiration for Fall Out Boy up a notch, then have a look at some of the Fall Out Boy Merchandise that falls under the accessories category. 

Belts with studs make for the perfect Fall Out Boy gift. These belts feature rows of metal studs at the sides, a sharp white leather strap, and a glossy silver buckle as the accessory’s centerpiece.

Look sharp while showing your support with belts like these to Fall Out Boy. Buy this glamorous Fall Out Boy Logo Belts With Studs merch today.

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Featured Image from: Flickr by Tim Cigelske

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