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Tool Gray Tool Man Veins White T-shirt

$27.00 - $27.00

Tool Gray Tool Man T-shirt



Tool Gray Tool Man Veins T-shirt – In the same vein (pun intended) as the nerve ending t-shirt this Tool t-shirt uses veins instead of nerves to create a similar look. Tool fans will be familiar with this classic Alex Grey design and for those that prefer white t-shirts this is one of the few white Tool t-shirts available. Adult (men’s) sizes S through XXL will be sure to fit most fans.All sizes are approximate and not all sizes may be available. Please see actual product to check size availability

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Age Group


Men's Size * All sizes are approximate.
Tags SizeWidthLength
Xtra Small15 - 16"25"
Small17 - 18"27"
Medium19 - 20"29"
Large21 - 22"30"
Xtra Large (XL)23 - 24"31"
2XL25 - 26"31.5"
3XL27 - 28"32"
4XL29 - 30"32.5"
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