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Ramones High End Fashion Gray Hoodie – Medium Only


Ramones High End Fashion *BAD


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Ramones High End Fashion Hoodie – **Please read this description and see some imprtant notes at the bottom in addition.**This official Ramones hoodie is made by a company called SWAG and if you’ve owned SWAG you already know that this hoodie is about high end fashion.The hoodie is primarily about looking good and you will look great in this sweet Ramones hoodie.It is made of thin distressed 100% cotton for more of a vintage look and just to be clear if you want to be warm just from a hoodie then this is not the hoodie for you. While you can layer up and use it to be warmer this hoodie is all about looks and the overall fashion quality designed to last.A brief description of the company that makes these is as follows:SWAG is a high end, high quality brand specializing in premium fabrics,cuts and printing finishes. Contemporary graphic artists remix these originaldesigns using a rich variety of processes-vintage distressing, screen printing, embroidery, and mixed media appliqué-to create a unique look that captures the spirit of the era.The t-shirts are sold at Saks 5th Ave, Lisa Kline, and other fineretailers for $75-95 each.If you noticed that’s the t-shirts not the hoodies and the hoodies go for more. We were able tio get an awesome deal on some SWAG merch and so we’re passing along a huge savings to you.** The back of the hoodie is not pictured here and says Hey Ho Let’s Go in a raised fuschia collored print. Again this is a fashion hoodie and is not thick for warmth.**

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