Pantera Future Headbanger Toddler T-shirt

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Pantera Future Headbanger Todd

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Thanks for checking back with us but this product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered. We do hope that you'll have a look around at some of the other cool stuff we have to offer though!

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Pantera Future Headbanger Toddler T-shirt – Get this mini Pantera tee for your little guy or girl and they can rule just like you do.Pantera fans in the making can wear this little tee and make you proud.

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Toddler Sizes - Hoodies / Tees / Dresses / Etc. * All sizes are approximate.
SizeWidthLengthAge (Years)
2T12"22 ⅛0 – 2
3T12.5"22 ¾4 – 6
4T13.5"23 ⅜8 – 10
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