Muse Hex Hole 2010 Tour Zipper Hoodie

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Muse Hex Hole 2010 Tour Ho*BAD

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Muse Hex Hole 2010 Tour Zipper Hoodie – This is what you’ve been missing!It cost an arm and a leg at the show but now you can get it for much less here.Featuring the artwork from Muse The Resistance CD on the front and the 2010 tour dates and cities on the back we know you just can’t resist this awesome hoodie.Dates and city listing is as follows:02/27/10 Duluth, GA – 03/01/10 Fairfax, VA03/02/10 Philadelphia, PA – 03/03/10 Baltimore, MD – 03/05/10 new York, NY03/06/10 Boston, MA – 03/08/10 Toronto, ON – 03/10/10 Montreal, QC – 03/12/10 Chicago, IL03/13/10 Auburn Mills, MI – 03/15/10 Nashville, TN03/17/10 Fort Worth, TX – 03/18/10 Houston, TX – 03/29/10 Edmonton, AB03/30/10 Calgary, AB – 04/01/10 Vancouver, BC – 04/02/10 Seattle, WA04/03/10 Portland, OR – 04/05/10 West Valley City, UT04/06/10 Broomfield, CO – 04/09/10 Phoenix, AZ – 04/10/10 Las Vegas, NV04/11/10 Tucson, AZ – 04/14/10 oakland, CA – 04/17/10 Indio, CA

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