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Led Zeppelin Swan Sg Jr *DC


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Led Zeppelin Swan Song Jr Tee – This awesome high end Led Zeppelin girls t-shirt comes marked as sizes 6, 8, 10, & 12. We’ve assigned the following sizes to those marked sizes:S – 6M – 8L – 10XL – 12This shirt has some awesome vintage style and some sweet high quality special printing and embroidering.It’s made by a company called SWAG which is known for it’s high end merchandise that has been sold at places like Saks Fifth Avenue for much more than we’re selling it here.We think that any girl that gets these will be a VERY happy Led Zeppelin fan indeed as this is probably the coolest Led Zeppelin girls shirt we have ever sold!So get the coolest Led Zeppelin shirt around now!

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SizeBustWaistLengthDress Size
Small282622 ⅛0 - 2
Medium302822 ¾4 – 6
Large333123 ⅜8 – 10
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