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Kings of Leon Crown Hoodie*DC


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Kings of Leon Crown Hoodie – You need a hoodie and you love KOL.Well then this official Kings of Leon hoodie is exactly the solution to your problem and we have it ready for you to get your hands on.The hood of this sweater / sweat shirt is a nice thickness to keep your head warm but the body is actually a bit on the thin side.The cotton poly blend has a fleece feel inside and it does keep in warmth pretty well but if you really want to stay warm on colder days then you’ll have to layer up.It’s the way they’re making zip hoodies these days for fashion 1st and to stay warm second but we really like these hoodies and everyone that works here wears the same style from the same manufacturer.If you’re into KOL and looking great then this is the hoodie for you so get yours today!

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Weight 18 oz

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