Radiohead Crew Tour 09 T-shirt

Radiohead Crew Tour 09 T-shirt

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Made from Supersoft 100% Cotton
You know you want this supersoft extra comfortable radiohead concert shirt and now you can have it for your very own!

You know you were lusting after it at the show so now get it.

Radiohead fans will appreciate the message this shirt has emblazened across every square inch of the front.

"The Entire Human genome
Occupies Over 3 Billion DNA Base Pairs,
It Has A Data Size of Approximately 750MB
The Capacity of a standard compact disc is 700MB

Human Only
(Name Place Field)
The Human Genome Contains 3164.7 Million Chemical Nucleotide Bases
(A,C,T, and G).
The Average Gene Consists of 3000 Bases, but Sizes Vary Greatly,
With the Largest Known Human Gene Being Dystrophin at 2.4 Million Bases.
The Total Number of Genes Is Estimated at 30,000
-Much Lower than Previous Estimates of 80,000 to 140,000
That Had Been Based On Extrapolations from Gene-Rich Areas
As Opposed to a Composite of Gene-Rich and Gene-Poor Areas
Almost all (99.9%) Nucleotide Bases Are Exactly The Same In All People.
The Functions are Unknown For Over 50% of Discovered Genes.

" Whew!

That was a mouthful.

Official t-shirt available in adult (men's) sizes.