The Doors Lizard King T-shirt

The Doors Lizard King T-shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton
Grab this cool Doors shirt and remind yourself of the lyrics of Doors frontman the Legendary Mr Jim Morrison as he sang the lyrics to Celebration of the Lizard:

I am the Lizard King
I can do anything I can make the earth stop in its tracks
I made the blue cars go away
For seven years I dwelt
In the loose palace of exile
Playing strange games
With the girls of the island
Now I have come again
To the land of the fair, and the strong, and the wise
Brothers and sisters of the pale forest
O Children of Night
Who among you will run with the hunt?
Now Night arrives with her purple legion
Retire now to your tents and to your dreams
Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth
I want to be ready'

Official t-shirt available in adult (men's) sizes.