Are all your t-shirts new?
Yes all our t-shirts are brand new unworn merchandise.
Are these t-shirts official merchandise?
Yes. All t-shirts are offically licensed by the band or other license holder. We do our best to make sure all of our t-shirts, music or otherwise, are original,fully licensed merchandise.
Do you make the t-shirts?
We do not hold licenses for any major label artists and therefore do not print up these t-shirts. All t-shirts are purchased through reputable distribution channels.
Can you make X t-shirt(s) in my size?
Once again we do not manufacture or print these tshirts.
Why don't you have X t-shirt in my size?
We try to carry a full range of sizes but there are a few reasons the t-shirt is not available in your size:
  1. The t-shirt is an out of print shirt and only a limited range of sizes were made available to us.
  2. The manufacturer never made the t-shirt in your size (or at least we are not aware of it).
  3. We are out of stock in your size.
  4. The manufacturer is out of your size.
  5. Some other miscellaneous reason we missed.
Why don't you carry X band concert t-shirts or X type merchandise?

  We try to carry many popular and quite a few non as popular bands but we definitely do not know every band that is available. If you are interested in seeing your favorite bands merchandise please let us know. We'd love to hear from you. If you know a band that would like us to carry their merchandise, please let us know or have them get in touch with us. We try our best to carry a wide selection and are always expanding our horizons.

You say you carry hard to find t-shirts so why can't I find my favorite band's hard to find t-shirt?
  We try to carry a large selection of hard to find as well as more readily available entertainment and music t-shirts. We can not possibly carry every single design available and many t-shirts are out of print and just no longer legally available. If you are looking for somethign specific though, we'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to contact us.
How much is shipping to my address?
  Please proceed through our check out to find out how much shipping costs are to your area of residence. You will be given a shipping rate based on your individual purchase to yuor individual place of residence.
You will not be charged for your cart contents till after you have been given a total price including shipping and you approve the total price.
Why don't you ship to my country?
Currently the only countries we make it a policy not to ship to are:
Do you sell your tees wholesale?
Yes we sell a selection of our tshirts at wholesale prices. Please contact us for details.
I have t-shirts to sell. Do you buy t-shirts?
We buy end of tour merchandise as well as other types of licensed t-shirts. If you have country, pop, rap, jazz, blues, or rock t-shirts or other entertainment merchandise to sell from well known music groups or entertainment categories please feel free to contact us at (877) 4ANYTEE.
How do I contact a sales representative?
You may call us at (877) 4ANYTEE or (713) 589-3152 with any questions or concerns.